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I. Helper script:
We now provide a helper script to rebuild the kernel,
it is under distrib/
You need the sources in,
in branch origin/android-goldfish-2.6.29
To rebuild the ARMv5TE kernel:
/path/to/ --out=$ANDROID/prebuilt/android-arm/kernel
To rebuild the ARMv7-A one:
/path/to/ --armv7 --out=$ANDROID/prebuilt/android-arm/kernel
To rebuild the x86 kernel:
/path/to/ --arch=x86 --out=$ANDROID/prebuilt/android-x86/kernel
To rebuild the MIPS kernel:
/path/to/ --arch=mips --out=$ANDROID/prebuilts/qemu-kernel/mips
Note that you will need to have your cross-toolchain in your path.
If this is not the case, the script will complain and give you the
expected name. Use --cross=<prefix> to specify a different toolchain.
See --help for more options and details.
II. Rebuilding from scratch:
If you don't or can't use the script, here are manual instructions:
You need to have the Android toolchain in your path
(i.e. 'arm-eabi-gcc --version' must work)
git clone kernel-goldfish
cd kernel-goldfish
git checkout origin/android-gldfish-2.6.29
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi-
export ARCH=arm
export SUBARCH=arm
make goldfish_defconfig # configure the kernel
make -j2 # build it
=> this generates a file named arch/arm/boot/zImage
NOTE: Branch android-goldfish-2.6.27 is obsolete now. Do not use it.
Now, you can use it with:
emulator -kernel path/to/your/new/zImage <other-options>
You can build an ARMv7-compatible kernel image by using goldfish_armv7_defconfg
in the above instructions (instead of goldfish_defconfig). Note that you will
need to enable ARMv7 emulation by using the -cpu cortex-a8 option, as in:
emulator -kernel path/to/your/new/zImage <other-options> -qemu -cpu cortex-a8
As a special convenience, if the name of your kernel image ends in -armv7, then
the emulator binary will automatically enable ARMv7 emulation for you, so doing
the following should be equivalent
emulator -kernel path/to/your/kernel-armv7 <other-options>
Voila !