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/* internal defines */
typedef struct DisasContext {
target_ulong pc;
int is_jmp;
/* Nonzero if this instruction has been conditionally skipped. */
int condjmp;
/* The label that will be jumped to when the instruction is skipped. */
int condlabel;
/* Thumb-2 conditional execution bits. */
int condexec_mask;
int condexec_cond;
struct TranslationBlock *tb;
int singlestep_enabled;
int thumb;
#if !defined(CONFIG_USER_ONLY)
int user;
int vfp_enabled;
int vec_len;
int vec_stride;
int search_pc;
} DisasContext;
extern TCGv_ptr cpu_env;
/* target-specific extra values for is_jmp */
/* These instructions trap after executing, so the A32/T32 decoder must
* defer them until after the conditional execution state has been updated.
* WFI also needs special handling when single-stepping.
#define DISAS_WFI 4
#define DISAS_SWI 5
/* For instructions which unconditionally cause an exception we can skip
* emitting unreachable code at the end of the TB in the A64 decoder
#define DISAS_EXC 6
/* WFE */
#define DISAS_WFE 7
void a64_translate_init(void);
void gen_intermediate_code_internal_a64(ARMCPU *cpu,
TranslationBlock *tb,
bool search_pc);
void gen_a64_set_pc_im(uint64_t val);
static inline void a64_translate_init(void)
static inline void gen_intermediate_code_internal_a64(ARMCPU *cpu,
TranslationBlock *tb,
bool search_pc)
static inline void gen_a64_set_pc_im(uint64_t val)
void arm_gen_test_cc(int cc, int label);