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* CCID Passthru Card Device emulation
* Copyright (c) 2011 Red Hat.
* Written by Alon Levy.
* This code is licensed under the GNU LGPL, version 2 or later.
#ifndef CCID_H
#define CCID_H
#include "hw/qdev.h"
typedef struct CCIDCardState CCIDCardState;
typedef struct CCIDCardInfo CCIDCardInfo;
#define TYPE_CCID_CARD "ccid-card"
#define CCID_CARD(obj) \
#define CCID_CARD_CLASS(klass) \
#define CCID_CARD_GET_CLASS(obj) \
* callbacks to be used by the CCID device (hw/usb-ccid.c) to call
* into the smartcard device (hw/ccid-card-*.c)
typedef struct CCIDCardClass {
DeviceClass parent_class;
const uint8_t *(*get_atr)(CCIDCardState *card, uint32_t *len);
void (*apdu_from_guest)(CCIDCardState *card,
const uint8_t *apdu,
uint32_t len);
int (*exitfn)(CCIDCardState *card);
int (*initfn)(CCIDCardState *card);
} CCIDCardClass;
* state of the CCID Card device (i.e. hw/ccid-card-*.c)
struct CCIDCardState {
DeviceState qdev;
uint32_t slot; /* For future use with multiple slot reader. */
* API for smartcard calling the CCID device (used by hw/ccid-card-*.c)
void ccid_card_send_apdu_to_guest(CCIDCardState *card,
uint8_t *apdu,
uint32_t len);
void ccid_card_card_removed(CCIDCardState *card);
void ccid_card_card_inserted(CCIDCardState *card);
void ccid_card_card_error(CCIDCardState *card, uint64_t error);
* support guest visible insertion/removal of ccid devices based on actual
* devices connected/removed. Called by card implementation (passthru, local)
int ccid_card_ccid_attach(CCIDCardState *card);
void ccid_card_ccid_detach(CCIDCardState *card);
#endif /* CCID_H */