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#ifndef LOADER_H
#define LOADER_H
#include "qapi/qmp/qdict.h"
#include "hw/nvram/fw_cfg.h"
/* loader.c */
* get_image_size: retrieve size of an image file
* @filename: Path to the image file
* Returns the size of the image file on success, -1 otherwise.
* On error, errno is also set as appropriate.
int get_image_size(const char *filename);
int load_image(const char *filename, uint8_t *addr); /* deprecated */
int load_image_targphys(const char *filename, hwaddr,
uint64_t max_sz);
#define ELF_LOAD_FAILED -1
#define ELF_LOAD_NOT_ELF -2
const char *load_elf_strerror(int error);
int load_elf(const char *filename, uint64_t (*translate_fn)(void *, uint64_t),
void *translate_opaque, uint64_t *pentry, uint64_t *lowaddr,
uint64_t *highaddr, int big_endian, int elf_machine,
int clear_lsb);
int load_aout(const char *filename, hwaddr addr, int max_sz,
int bswap_needed, hwaddr target_page_size);
int load_uimage(const char *filename, hwaddr *ep,
hwaddr *loadaddr, int *is_linux);
* load_ramdisk:
* @filename: Path to the ramdisk image
* @addr: Memory address to load the ramdisk to
* @max_sz: Maximum allowed ramdisk size (for non-u-boot ramdisks)
* Load a ramdisk image with U-Boot header to the specified memory
* address.
* Returns the size of the loaded image on success, -1 otherwise.
int load_ramdisk(const char *filename, hwaddr addr, uint64_t max_sz);
ssize_t read_targphys(const char *name,
int fd, hwaddr dst_addr, size_t nbytes);
void pstrcpy_targphys(const char *name,
hwaddr dest, int buf_size,
const char *source);
extern bool option_rom_has_mr;
extern bool rom_file_has_mr;
int rom_add_file(const char *file, const char *fw_dir,
hwaddr addr, int32_t bootindex,
bool option_rom);
void *rom_add_blob(const char *name, const void *blob, size_t len,
hwaddr addr, const char *fw_file_name,
FWCfgReadCallback fw_callback, void *callback_opaque);
int rom_add_elf_program(const char *name, void *data, size_t datasize,
size_t romsize, hwaddr addr);
int rom_load_all(void);
void rom_load_done(void);
void rom_set_fw(FWCfgState *f);
int rom_copy(uint8_t *dest, hwaddr addr, size_t size);
void *rom_ptr(hwaddr addr);
void do_info_roms(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
#define rom_add_file_fixed(_f, _a, _i) \
rom_add_file(_f, NULL, _a, _i, false)
#define rom_add_blob_fixed(_f, _b, _l, _a) \
rom_add_blob(_f, _b, _l, _a, NULL, NULL, NULL)
#define PC_ROM_MIN_VGA 0xc0000
#define PC_ROM_MIN_OPTION 0xc8000
#define PC_ROM_MAX 0xe0000
#define PC_ROM_ALIGN 0x800
int rom_add_vga(const char *file);
int rom_add_option(const char *file, int32_t bootindex);