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CPU common:
- Unimplemented features/bugs:
- Delay slot handling may fail sometimes (branch end of page, delay
slot next page)
- Atomical instructions
- CPU features should match real CPUs (also ASI selection)
- Optimizations/improvements:
- Condition code/branch handling like x86, also for FPU?
- Remove remaining explicit alignment checks
- Global register for regwptr, so that windowed registers can be
accessed directly
- Improve Sparc32plus addressing
- NPC/PC static optimisations (use JUMP_TB when possible)? (Is this
- Synthetic instructions
- MMU model dependent on CPU model
- Select ASI helper at translation time (on V9 only if known)
- KQemu/KVM support for VM only
- Hardware breakpoint/watchpoint support
- Cache emulation mode
- Reverse-endian pages
- Faster FPU emulation
- Busy loop detection
Sparc32 CPUs:
- Unimplemented features/bugs:
- Sun4/Sun4c MMUs
- Some V8 ASIs
Sparc64 CPUs:
- Unimplemented features/bugs:
- Interrupt handling
- Secondary address space, other MMU functions
- Many V9/UA2005/UA2007 ASIs
- Rest of V9 instructions, missing VIS instructions
- IG/MG/AG vs. UA2007 globals
- Full hypervisor support
- Sun4v CPUs
- To be added
- A lot of unimplemented features
- Maybe split from Sun4m
- Unimplemented features/bugs:
- Hardware devices do not match real boards
- Floppy does not work
- CS4231: merge with cs4231a, add DMA
- Add cg6, bwtwo
- Arbitrary resolution support
- PCI for MicroSparc-IIe
- JavaStation machines
- SBus slot probing, FCode ROM support
- SMP probing support
- Interrupt routing does not match real HW
- SuSE 7.3 keyboard sometimes unresponsive
- Gentoo 2004.1 SMP does not work
- SS600MP ledma -> lebuffer
- Type 5 keyboard
- Less fixed hardware choices
- DBRI audio (Am7930)
- BPP parallel
- Diagnostic switch
- ESP PIO mode
- A lot of unimplemented features:
- IO-unit
- Maybe split from Sun4m
- Unimplemented features/bugs:
- Interrupt controller
- PCI/IOMMU support (Simba, JIO, Tomatillo, Psycho, Schizo, Safari...)
- Happy Meal Ethernet, flash, I2C, GPIO
- A lot of real machine types
- A lot of unimplemented features
- A lot of real machine types