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/* Description of s390 insn formats. */
/* NAME F1, F2... */
F1(I, I(1, 8, 8))
F2(RI_a, R(1, 8), I(2,16,16))
F2(RI_b, R(1, 8), I(2,16,16))
F2(RI_c, M(1, 8), I(2,16,16))
F3(RIE_a, R(1, 8), I(2,16,16), M(3,32))
F4(RIE_b, R(1, 8), R(2,12), M(3,32), I(4,16,16))
F4(RIE_c, R(1, 8), I(2,32, 8), M(3,12), I(4,16,16))
F3(RIE_d, R(1, 8), I(2,16,16), R(3,12))
F3(RIE_e, R(1, 8), I(2,16,16), R(3,12))
F5(RIE_f, R(1, 8), R(2,12), I(3,16,8), I(4,24,8), I(5,32,8))
F2(RIL_a, R(1, 8), I(2,16,32))
F2(RIL_b, R(1, 8), I(2,16,32))
F2(RIL_c, M(1, 8), I(2,16,32))
F4(RIS, R(1, 8), I(2,32, 8), M(3,12), BD(4,16,20))
/* ??? The PoO does not call out subtypes _a and _b for RR, as it does
for e.g. RX. Our checking requires this for e.g. BCR. */
F2(RR_a, R(1, 8), R(2,12))
F2(RR_b, M(1, 8), R(2,12))
F2(RRE, R(1,24), R(2,28))
F3(RRD, R(1,16), R(2,28), R(3,24))
F4(RRF_a, R(1,24), R(2,28), R(3,16), M(4,20))
F4(RRF_b, R(1,24), R(2,28), R(3,16), M(4,20))
F4(RRF_c, R(1,24), R(2,28), M(3,16), M(4,20))
F4(RRF_d, R(1,24), R(2,28), M(3,16), M(4,20))
F4(RRF_e, R(1,24), R(2,28), M(3,16), M(4,20))
F4(RRS, R(1, 8), R(2,12), M(3,32), BD(4,16,20))
F3(RS_a, R(1, 8), BD(2,16,20), R(3,12))
F3(RS_b, R(1, 8), BD(2,16,20), M(3,12))
F3(RSI, R(1, 8), I(2,16,16), R(3,12))
F2(RSL, L(1, 8, 4), BD(1,16,20))
F3(RSY_a, R(1, 8), BDL(2), R(3,12))
F3(RSY_b, R(1, 8), BDL(2), M(3,12))
F2(RX_a, R(1, 8), BXD(2))
F2(RX_b, M(1, 8), BXD(2))
F2(RXE, R(1, 8), BXD(2))
F3(RXF, R(1,32), BXD(2), R(3, 8))
F2(RXY_a, R(1, 8), BXDL(2))
F2(RXY_b, M(1, 8), BXDL(2))
F1(S, BD(2,16,20))
F2(SI, BD(1,16,20), I(2,8,8))
F2(SIL, BD(1,16,20), I(2,32,16))
F2(SIY, BDL(1), I(2, 8, 8))
F3(SS_a, L(1, 8, 8), BD(1,16,20), BD(2,32,36))
F4(SS_b, L(1, 8, 4), BD(1,16,20), L(2,12,4), BD(2,32,36))
F4(SS_c, L(1, 8, 4), BD(1,16,20), BD(2,32,36), I(3,12, 4))
/* ??? Odd man out. The L1 field here is really a register, but the
easy way to compress the fields has R1 and B1 overlap. */
F4(SS_d, L(1, 8, 4), BD(1,16,20), BD(2,32,36), R(3,12))
F4(SS_e, R(1, 8), BD(2,16,20), R(3,12), BD(4,32,36))
F3(SS_f, BD(1,16,20), L(2,8,8), BD(2,32,36))
F2(SSE, BD(1,16,20), BD(2,32,36))
F3(SSF, BD(1,16,20), BD(2,32,36), R(3,8))