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# This script verifies that qerror definitions and table entries are
# alphabetically ordered.
check_order() {
# sort -C verifies order but does not print a message. sort -c does print a
# message. These options are both in POSIX.
if ! "$@" | sort -C; then
echo "$errmsg"
"$@" | sort -c
exit 1
return 0
check_order 'Definitions in qerror.h must be in alphabetical order:' \
grep '^#define QERR_' qerror.h
check_order 'Entries in qerror.c:qerror_table must be in alphabetical order:' \
sed -n '/^static.*qerror_table\[\]/,/^};/s/QERR_/&/gp' qerror.c