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/* Type of a structure holding the interface to TCP proxy to be used
* with the SLIRP stack. */
typedef struct SlirpProxyOps SlirpProxyOps;
/* Type of a function that is invoked when the proxy connection
* attempt has completed. On success, |fd| will be >= 0 and the
* descriptor for the active socket to use, |af| will be either
* AF_INET or AF_INET6. On failure |fd| will be negative.
* |connect_opaque| is the user-provided pointer that was passed
* to slirp_proxy_try_connect().
typedef void (SlirpProxyConnectFunc)(void* connect_opaque, int fd, int af);
/* Global SLIRP pointer to the proxy. If not-NULL, its methods will be
* used to try to proxify TCP connections. */
extern const struct SlirpProxyOps *slirp_proxy;
/* A structure used to model the interface for any proxy implementation.
* The default version will always return false in its |try_connect|
* method. */
struct SlirpProxyOps {
/* Initiate a proxy connection to address |addr|. |connect_func| is the
* function that will be called to report the state of the connection,
* and |connect_opaque| will be its first parameter, and used to
* uniquely identify the connection (it should not be NULL).
* Returns false if this address cannot be proxifed, in which case
* a normal connection attempt should be performed. Return true
* otherwise. */
bool (*try_connect)(const struct sockaddr_storage *addr,
SlirpProxyConnectFunc *connect_func,
void *connect_opaque);
/* Remove a proxy connection that was previously started with
* a call to try_connect(). |connect_opaque| should be the same parameter
* as the one passed to the function. */
void (*remove)(void *connect_opaque);
#endif /* SLIRP_PROXY_H */