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#define UNAME_MACHINE "microblaze"
#define UNAME_MINIMUM_RELEASE "2.6.32"
/* We use microblaze_reg_t to keep things similar to the kernel sources. */
typedef uint32_t microblaze_reg_t;
struct target_pt_regs {
microblaze_reg_t r0;
microblaze_reg_t r1;
microblaze_reg_t r2;
microblaze_reg_t r3;
microblaze_reg_t r4;
microblaze_reg_t r5;
microblaze_reg_t r6;
microblaze_reg_t r7;
microblaze_reg_t r8;
microblaze_reg_t r9;
microblaze_reg_t r10;
microblaze_reg_t r11;
microblaze_reg_t r12;
microblaze_reg_t r13;
microblaze_reg_t r14;
microblaze_reg_t r15;
microblaze_reg_t r16;
microblaze_reg_t r17;
microblaze_reg_t r18;
microblaze_reg_t r19;
microblaze_reg_t r20;
microblaze_reg_t r21;
microblaze_reg_t r22;
microblaze_reg_t r23;
microblaze_reg_t r24;
microblaze_reg_t r25;
microblaze_reg_t r26;
microblaze_reg_t r27;
microblaze_reg_t r28;
microblaze_reg_t r29;
microblaze_reg_t r30;
microblaze_reg_t r31;
microblaze_reg_t pc;
microblaze_reg_t msr;
microblaze_reg_t ear;
microblaze_reg_t esr;
microblaze_reg_t fsr;
uint32_t kernel_mode;