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* libqos PCI bindings
* Copyright IBM, Corp. 2012-2013
* Authors:
* Anthony Liguori <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#ifndef LIBQOS_PCI_H
#define LIBQOS_PCI_H
#include <stdint.h>
#define QPCI_DEVFN(dev, fn) (((dev) << 3) | (fn))
typedef struct QPCIDevice QPCIDevice;
typedef struct QPCIBus QPCIBus;
struct QPCIBus
uint8_t (*io_readb)(QPCIBus *bus, void *addr);
uint16_t (*io_readw)(QPCIBus *bus, void *addr);
uint32_t (*io_readl)(QPCIBus *bus, void *addr);
void (*io_writeb)(QPCIBus *bus, void *addr, uint8_t value);
void (*io_writew)(QPCIBus *bus, void *addr, uint16_t value);
void (*io_writel)(QPCIBus *bus, void *addr, uint32_t value);
uint8_t (*config_readb)(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn, uint8_t offset);
uint16_t (*config_readw)(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn, uint8_t offset);
uint32_t (*config_readl)(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn, uint8_t offset);
void (*config_writeb)(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn,
uint8_t offset, uint8_t value);
void (*config_writew)(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn,
uint8_t offset, uint16_t value);
void (*config_writel)(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn,
uint8_t offset, uint32_t value);
void *(*iomap)(QPCIBus *bus, QPCIDevice *dev, int barno);
void (*iounmap)(QPCIBus *bus, void *data);
struct QPCIDevice
QPCIBus *bus;
int devfn;
void qpci_device_foreach(QPCIBus *bus, int vendor_id, int device_id,
void (*func)(QPCIDevice *dev, int devfn, void *data),
void *data);
QPCIDevice *qpci_device_find(QPCIBus *bus, int devfn);
void qpci_device_enable(QPCIDevice *dev);
uint8_t qpci_config_readb(QPCIDevice *dev, uint8_t offset);
uint16_t qpci_config_readw(QPCIDevice *dev, uint8_t offset);
uint32_t qpci_config_readl(QPCIDevice *dev, uint8_t offset);
void qpci_config_writeb(QPCIDevice *dev, uint8_t offset, uint8_t value);
void qpci_config_writew(QPCIDevice *dev, uint8_t offset, uint16_t value);
void qpci_config_writel(QPCIDevice *dev, uint8_t offset, uint32_t value);
uint8_t qpci_io_readb(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data);
uint16_t qpci_io_readw(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data);
uint32_t qpci_io_readl(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data);
void qpci_io_writeb(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data, uint8_t value);
void qpci_io_writew(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data, uint16_t value);
void qpci_io_writel(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data, uint32_t value);
void *qpci_iomap(QPCIDevice *dev, int barno);
void qpci_iounmap(QPCIDevice *dev, void *data);