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# mach: crisv3 crisv8 crisv10 crisv32
# output: ffffff00\nffff0000\n0\nbb113344\n
# Test generic "move Ps,Rd" and "move Rs,Pd" insns; the ones with
# functionality common to all models.
.include ""
moveq -1,r3
clear.b r3
checkr3 ffffff00
moveq -1,r3
clear.w r3
checkr3 ffff0000
moveq -1,r3
clear.d r3
checkr3 0
moveq -1,r3
move.d 0xbb113344,r4
setf zcvn
move r4,srp
move srp,r3
test_cc 1 1 1 1
checkr3 bb113344