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QEMU pci serial devices
There is one single-port variant and two muliport-variants. Linux
guests out-of-the box with all cards. There is a Windows inf file
(docs/qemupciserial.inf) to setup the single-port card in Windows
single-port card
Name: pci-serial
PCI ID: 1b36:0002
PCI Region 0:
IO bar, 8 bytes long, with the 16550 uart mapped to it.
Interrupt is wired to pin A.
multiport cards
Name: pci-serial-2x
PCI ID: 1b36:0003
Name: pci-serial-4x
PCI ID: 1b36:0004
PCI Region 0:
IO bar, with two/four 16550 uart mapped after each other.
The first is at offset 0, second at offset 8, ...
Interrupt is wired to pin A.