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vgabios_variants := stdvga cirrus vmware qxl isavga
vgabios_targets := $(subst -isavga,,$(patsubst %,vgabios-%.bin,$(vgabios_variants)))
pxerom_variants := e1000 eepro100 ne2k_pci pcnet rtl8139 virtio
pxerom_targets := 8086100e 80861209 10500940 10222000 10ec8139 1af41000
pxe-rom-e1000 efi-rom-e1000 : VID := 8086
pxe-rom-e1000 efi-rom-e1000 : DID := 100e
pxe-rom-eepro100 efi-rom-eepro100 : VID := 8086
pxe-rom-eepro100 efi-rom-eepro100 : DID := 1209
pxe-rom-ne2k_pci efi-rom-ne2k_pci : VID := 1050
pxe-rom-ne2k_pci efi-rom-ne2k_pci : DID := 0940
pxe-rom-pcnet efi-rom-pcnet : VID := 1022
pxe-rom-pcnet efi-rom-pcnet : DID := 2000
pxe-rom-rtl8139 efi-rom-rtl8139 : VID := 10ec
pxe-rom-rtl8139 efi-rom-rtl8139 : DID := 8139
pxe-rom-virtio efi-rom-virtio : VID := 1af4
pxe-rom-virtio efi-rom-virtio : DID := 1000
# cross compiler auto detection
path := $(subst :, ,$(PATH))
system := $(shell uname -s | tr "A-Z" "a-z")
# first find cross binutils in path
find-cross-ld = $(firstword $(wildcard $(patsubst %,%/$(1)-*$(system)*-ld,$(path))))
# then check we have cross gcc too
find-cross-gcc = $(firstword $(wildcard $(patsubst %ld,%gcc,$(call find-cross-ld,$(1)))))
# finally strip off path + toolname so we get the prefix
find-cross-prefix = $(subst gcc,,$(notdir $(call find-cross-gcc,$(1))))
powerpc64_cross_prefix := $(call find-cross-prefix,powerpc64)
powerpc_cross_prefix := $(call find-cross-prefix,powerpc)
x86_64_cross_prefix := $(call find-cross-prefix,x86_64)
# EfiRom utility is shipped with edk2 / tianocore, in BaseTools/
# We need that to combine multiple images (legacy bios,
# efi ia32, efi x64) into a single rom binary.
# We try to find it in the path. You can also pass the location on
# the command line, i.e. "make EFIROM=/path/to/EfiRom efirom"
EFIROM ?= $(shell which EfiRom 2>/dev/null)
@echo "nothing is build by default"
@echo "available build targets:"
@echo " bios -- update bios.bin (seabios)"
@echo " seavgabios -- update vgabios binaries (seabios)"
@echo " lgplvgabios -- update vgabios binaries (lgpl)"
@echo " sgabios -- update sgabios binaries"
@echo " pxerom -- update nic roms (bios only)"
@echo " efirom -- update nic roms (bios+efi, this needs"
@echo " the EfiRom utility from edk2 / tianocore)"
@echo " slof -- update slof.bin"
@echo " u-boot.e500 -- update u-boot.e500"
bios: build-seabios-config-seabios-128k build-seabios-config-seabios-256k
cp seabios/builds/seabios-128k/bios.bin ../pc-bios/bios.bin
cp seabios/builds/seabios-256k/bios.bin ../pc-bios/bios-256k.bin
cp seabios/builds/seabios-256k/src/fw/*dsdt.aml ../pc-bios/
seavgabios: $(patsubst %,seavgabios-%,$(vgabios_variants))
seavgabios-isavga: build-seabios-config-vga-isavga
cp seabios/builds/vga-isavga/vgabios.bin ../pc-bios/vgabios.bin
seavgabios-%: build-seabios-config-vga-%
cp seabios/builds/vga-$*/vgabios.bin ../pc-bios/vgabios-$*.bin
build-seabios-config-%: config.%
mkdir -p seabios/builds/$*
cp $< seabios/builds/$*/.config
$(MAKE) -C seabios \
CROSS_COMPILE=$(x86_64_cross_prefix) \
KCONFIG_CONFIG=$(CURDIR)/seabios/builds/$*/.config \
OUT=$(CURDIR)/seabios/builds/$*/ oldnoconfig
$(MAKE) -C seabios \
CROSS_COMPILE=$(x86_64_cross_prefix) \
KCONFIG_CONFIG=$(CURDIR)/seabios/builds/$*/.config \
OUT=$(CURDIR)/seabios/builds/$*/ all
lgplvgabios: $(patsubst %,lgplvgabios-%,$(vgabios_variants))
lgplvgabios-isavga: build-lgplvgabios
cp vgabios/VGABIOS-lgpl-latest.bin ../pc-bios/vgabios.bin
lgplvgabios-%: build-lgplvgabios
cp vgabios/VGABIOS-lgpl-latest.$*.bin ../pc-bios/vgabios-$*.bin
$(MAKE) -C vgabios $(vgabios_targets)
.PHONY: sgabios
$(MAKE) -C sgabios
cp sgabios/sgabios.bin ../pc-bios
pxerom: $(patsubst %,pxe-rom-%,$(pxerom_variants))
pxe-rom-%: build-pxe-roms
cp ipxe/src/bin/$(VID)$(DID).rom ../pc-bios/pxe-$*.rom
efirom: $(patsubst %,efi-rom-%,$(pxerom_variants))
efi-rom-%: build-pxe-roms build-efi-roms
$(EFIROM) -f "0x$(VID)" -i "0x$(DID)" -l 0x02 \
-b ipxe/src/bin/$(VID)$(DID).rom \
-ec ipxe/src/bin-i386-efi/$(VID)$(DID).efidrv \
-ec ipxe/src/bin-x86_64-efi/$(VID)$(DID).efidrv \
-o ../pc-bios/efi-$*.rom
build-pxe-roms: ipxe/src/config/local/general.h
$(MAKE) -C ipxe/src GITVERSION="" \
CROSS_COMPILE=$(x86_64_cross_prefix) \
$(patsubst %,bin/%.rom,$(pxerom_targets))
build-efi-roms: build-pxe-roms ipxe/src/config/local/general.h
$(MAKE) -C ipxe/src GITVERSION="" \
CROSS_COMPILE=$(x86_64_cross_prefix) \
$(patsubst %,bin-i386-efi/%.efidrv,$(pxerom_targets)) \
$(patsubst %,bin-x86_64-efi/%.efidrv,$(pxerom_targets))
ipxe/src/config/local/%: config.ipxe.%
cp $< $@
$(MAKE) -C SLOF CROSS=$(powerpc64_cross_prefix) qemu
cp SLOF/boot_rom.bin ../pc-bios/slof.bin
$(MAKE) -C u-boot O=build.e500 qemu-ppce500_config
$(MAKE) -C u-boot CROSS_COMPILE=$(powerpc_cross_prefix) \
$(powerpc_cross_prefix)strip u-boot/build.e500/u-boot -o \
rm -rf seabios/.config seabios/out seabios/builds
$(MAKE) -C vgabios clean
rm -f vgabios/VGABIOS-lgpl-latest*
$(MAKE) -C sgabios clean
rm -f sgabios/.depend
$(MAKE) -C ipxe/src veryclean
$(MAKE) -C SLOF clean
rm -rf u-boot/build.e500