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#ifndef QEMU_NET_H
#define QEMU_NET_H
#include "qemu/queue.h"
#include "qemu-common.h"
#include "qapi/qmp/qdict.h"
#include "qemu/option.h"
#include "net/queue.h"
#include "migration/vmstate.h"
#include "qapi-types.h"
#define MAC_FMT "%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X"
#define MAC_ARG(x) ((uint8_t *)(x))[0], ((uint8_t *)(x))[1], \
((uint8_t *)(x))[2], ((uint8_t *)(x))[3], \
((uint8_t *)(x))[4], ((uint8_t *)(x))[5]
#define MAX_QUEUE_NUM 1024
/* Maximum GSO packet size (64k) plus plenty of room for
* the ethernet and virtio_net headers
#define NET_BUFSIZE (4096 + 65536)
struct MACAddr {
uint8_t a[6];
/* qdev nic properties */
typedef struct NICPeers {
NetClientState *ncs[MAX_QUEUE_NUM];
int32_t queues;
} NICPeers;
typedef struct NICConf {
MACAddr macaddr;
NICPeers peers;
int32_t bootindex;
} NICConf;
#define DEFINE_NIC_PROPERTIES(_state, _conf) \
DEFINE_PROP_MACADDR("mac", _state, _conf.macaddr), \
DEFINE_PROP_VLAN("vlan", _state, _conf.peers), \
DEFINE_PROP_NETDEV("netdev", _state, _conf.peers)
/* Net clients */
typedef void (NetPoll)(NetClientState *, bool enable);
typedef int (NetCanReceive)(NetClientState *);
typedef ssize_t (NetReceive)(NetClientState *, const uint8_t *, size_t);
typedef ssize_t (NetReceiveIOV)(NetClientState *, const struct iovec *, int);
typedef void (NetCleanup) (NetClientState *);
typedef void (LinkStatusChanged)(NetClientState *);
typedef void (NetClientDestructor)(NetClientState *);
typedef RxFilterInfo *(QueryRxFilter)(NetClientState *);
typedef bool (HasUfo)(NetClientState *);
typedef bool (HasVnetHdr)(NetClientState *);
typedef bool (HasVnetHdrLen)(NetClientState *, int);
typedef void (UsingVnetHdr)(NetClientState *, bool);
typedef void (SetOffload)(NetClientState *, int, int, int, int, int);
typedef void (SetVnetHdrLen)(NetClientState *, int);
typedef int (SetVnetLE)(NetClientState *, bool);
typedef int (SetVnetBE)(NetClientState *, bool);
typedef struct SocketReadState SocketReadState;
typedef void (SocketReadStateFinalize)(SocketReadState *rs);
typedef struct NetClientInfo {
NetClientDriver type;
size_t size;
NetReceive *receive;
NetReceive *receive_raw;
NetReceiveIOV *receive_iov;
NetCanReceive *can_receive;
NetCleanup *cleanup;
LinkStatusChanged *link_status_changed;
QueryRxFilter *query_rx_filter;
NetPoll *poll;
HasUfo *has_ufo;
HasVnetHdr *has_vnet_hdr;
HasVnetHdrLen *has_vnet_hdr_len;
UsingVnetHdr *using_vnet_hdr;
SetOffload *set_offload;
SetVnetHdrLen *set_vnet_hdr_len;
SetVnetLE *set_vnet_le;
SetVnetBE *set_vnet_be;
} NetClientInfo;
struct NetClientState {
NetClientInfo *info;
int link_down;
QTAILQ_ENTRY(NetClientState) next;
NetClientState *peer;
NetQueue *incoming_queue;
char *model;
char *name;
char info_str[256];
unsigned receive_disabled : 1;
NetClientDestructor *destructor;
unsigned int queue_index;
unsigned rxfilter_notify_enabled:1;
int vring_enable;
QTAILQ_HEAD(NetFilterHead, NetFilterState) filters;
typedef struct NICState {
NetClientState *ncs;
NICConf *conf;
void *opaque;
bool peer_deleted;
} NICState;
struct SocketReadState {
int state; /* 0 = getting length, 1 = getting data */
uint32_t index;
uint32_t packet_len;
uint8_t buf[NET_BUFSIZE];
SocketReadStateFinalize *finalize;
int net_fill_rstate(SocketReadState *rs, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
char *qemu_mac_strdup_printf(const uint8_t *macaddr);
NetClientState *qemu_find_netdev(const char *id);
int qemu_find_net_clients_except(const char *id, NetClientState **ncs,
NetClientDriver type, int max);
NetClientState *qemu_new_net_client(NetClientInfo *info,
NetClientState *peer,
const char *model,
const char *name);
NICState *qemu_new_nic(NetClientInfo *info,
NICConf *conf,
const char *model,
const char *name,
void *opaque);
void qemu_del_nic(NICState *nic);
NetClientState *qemu_get_subqueue(NICState *nic, int queue_index);
NetClientState *qemu_get_queue(NICState *nic);
NICState *qemu_get_nic(NetClientState *nc);
void *qemu_get_nic_opaque(NetClientState *nc);
void qemu_del_net_client(NetClientState *nc);
NetClientState *qemu_find_vlan_client_by_name(Monitor *mon, int vlan_id,
const char *client_str);
typedef void (*qemu_nic_foreach)(NICState *nic, void *opaque);
void qemu_foreach_nic(qemu_nic_foreach func, void *opaque);
int qemu_can_send_packet(NetClientState *nc);
ssize_t qemu_sendv_packet(NetClientState *nc, const struct iovec *iov,
int iovcnt);
ssize_t qemu_sendv_packet_async(NetClientState *nc, const struct iovec *iov,
int iovcnt, NetPacketSent *sent_cb);
void qemu_send_packet(NetClientState *nc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
ssize_t qemu_send_packet_raw(NetClientState *nc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
ssize_t qemu_send_packet_async(NetClientState *nc, const uint8_t *buf,
int size, NetPacketSent *sent_cb);
void qemu_purge_queued_packets(NetClientState *nc);
void qemu_flush_queued_packets(NetClientState *nc);
void qemu_format_nic_info_str(NetClientState *nc, uint8_t macaddr[6]);
bool qemu_has_ufo(NetClientState *nc);
bool qemu_has_vnet_hdr(NetClientState *nc);
bool qemu_has_vnet_hdr_len(NetClientState *nc, int len);
void qemu_using_vnet_hdr(NetClientState *nc, bool enable);
void qemu_set_offload(NetClientState *nc, int csum, int tso4, int tso6,
int ecn, int ufo);
void qemu_set_vnet_hdr_len(NetClientState *nc, int len);
int qemu_set_vnet_le(NetClientState *nc, bool is_le);
int qemu_set_vnet_be(NetClientState *nc, bool is_be);
void qemu_macaddr_default_if_unset(MACAddr *macaddr);
int qemu_show_nic_models(const char *arg, const char *const *models);
void qemu_check_nic_model(NICInfo *nd, const char *model);
int qemu_find_nic_model(NICInfo *nd, const char * const *models,
const char *default_model);
ssize_t qemu_deliver_packet_iov(NetClientState *sender,
unsigned flags,
const struct iovec *iov,
int iovcnt,
void *opaque);
void print_net_client(Monitor *mon, NetClientState *nc);
void hmp_info_network(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
void net_socket_rs_init(SocketReadState *rs,
SocketReadStateFinalize *finalize);
/* NIC info */
#define MAX_NICS 8
struct NICInfo {
MACAddr macaddr;
char *model;
char *name;
char *devaddr;
NetClientState *netdev;
int used; /* is this slot in nd_table[] being used? */
int instantiated; /* does this NICInfo correspond to an instantiated NIC? */
int nvectors;
extern int nb_nics;
extern NICInfo nd_table[MAX_NICS];
extern const char *host_net_devices[];
/* from net.c */
extern const char *legacy_tftp_prefix;
extern const char *legacy_bootp_filename;
int net_client_init(QemuOpts *opts, bool is_netdev, Error **errp);
int net_client_parse(QemuOptsList *opts_list, const char *str);
int net_init_clients(void);
void net_check_clients(void);
void net_cleanup(void);
void hmp_host_net_add(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
void hmp_host_net_remove(Monitor *mon, const QDict *qdict);
void netdev_add(QemuOpts *opts, Error **errp);
void qmp_netdev_add(QDict *qdict, QObject **ret, Error **errp);
int net_hub_id_for_client(NetClientState *nc, int *id);
NetClientState *net_hub_port_find(int hub_id);
#define DEFAULT_NETWORK_SCRIPT "/etc/qemu-ifup"
#define DEFAULT_NETWORK_DOWN_SCRIPT "/etc/qemu-ifdown"
void qdev_set_nic_properties(DeviceState *dev, NICInfo *nd);
#define POLYNOMIAL 0x04c11db6
unsigned compute_mcast_idx(const uint8_t *ep);
#define vmstate_offset_macaddr(_state, _field) \
vmstate_offset_array(_state, _field.a, uint8_t, \
sizeof(typeof_field(_state, _field)))
#define VMSTATE_MACADDR(_field, _state) { \
.name = (stringify(_field)), \
.size = sizeof(MACAddr), \
.info = &vmstate_info_buffer, \
.flags = VMS_BUFFER, \
.offset = vmstate_offset_macaddr(_state, _field), \