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# 2004-03-16 Halld├│r Gu├░mundsson and Morten Lange
# Keyboard definition file for the Icelandic keyboard
# to be used in rdesktop 1.3.x ( See
# generated from XKB map de, and changed manually
# Location for example /usr/local/share/rdesktop/keymaps/is
include common
map 0x40f
exclam 0x02 shift
onesuperior 0x02 altgr
exclamdown 0x02 shift altgr
quotedbl 0x03 shift
twosuperior 0x03 altgr
oneeighth 0x03 shift altgr
#section 0x04 shift
numbersign 0x04 shift
threesuperior 0x04 altgr
sterling 0x04 shift altgr
dollar 0x05 shift
onequarter 0x05 altgr
currency 0x05 shift altgr
percent 0x06 shift
onehalf 0x06 altgr
threeeighths 0x06 shift altgr
ampersand 0x07 shift
threequarters 0x07 altgr
fiveeighths 0x07 shift altgr
slash 0x08 shift
braceleft 0x08 altgr
seveneighths 0x08 shift altgr
parenleft 0x09 shift
bracketleft 0x09 altgr
trademark 0x09 shift altgr
parenright 0x0a shift
bracketright 0x0a altgr
plusminus 0x0a shift altgr
equal 0x0b shift
braceright 0x0b altgr
#ssharp 0x0c
odiaeresis 0x0c
#question 0x0c shift
Odiaeresis 0x0c shift
backslash 0x0c altgr
questiondown 0x0c shift altgr
#acute 0x0d
minus 0x0d
#dead_acute 0x0d
#grave 0x0d shift
#dead_grave 0x0d shift
underscore 0x0d shift
dead_cedilla 0x0d altgr
dead_ogonek 0x0d shift altgr
at 0x10 altgr
Greek_OMEGA 0x10 shift altgr
EuroSign 0x12 altgr
paragraph 0x13 altgr
registered 0x13 shift altgr
tslash 0x14 altgr
Tslash 0x14 shift altgr
#z 0x15 addupper
leftarrow 0x15 altgr
yen 0x15 shift altgr
downarrow 0x16 altgr
uparrow 0x16 shift altgr
rightarrow 0x17 altgr
idotless 0x17 shift altgr
oslash 0x18 altgr
Ooblique 0x18 shift altgr
#thorn 0x19 altgr
#THORN 0x19 shift altgr
#udiaeresis 0x1a
#Udiaeresis 0x1a shift
#dead_diaeresis 0x1a altgr
#dead_abovering 0x1a shift altgr
eth 0x1a
ETH 0x1a shift
apostrophe 0x1b
question 0x1b shift
#plus 0x1b
#asterisk 0x1b shift
asciitilde 0x1b altgr
#grave 0x1b altgr
#dead_tilde 0x1b altgr
#dead_macron 0x1b shift altgr
#ae 0x1e altgr
#AE 0x1e shift altgr
#eth 0x20 altgr
#eth 0x20
#ETH 0x20 shift altgr
#ETH 0x20 shift
dstroke 0x21 altgr
ordfeminine 0x21 shift altgr
eng 0x22 altgr
ENG 0x22 shift altgr
hstroke 0x23 altgr
Hstroke 0x23 shift altgr
kra 0x25 altgr
#adiaeresis 0x27
#Adiaeresis 0x27 shift
ae 0x27
AE 0x27 shift
dead_doubleacute 0x27 altgr
#adiaeresis 0x28
#Adiaeresis 0x28 shift
#dead_caron 0x28 shift altgr
#asciicircum 0x29
acute 0x28
dead_acute 0x28
#dead_circumflex 0x29
#degree 0x29 shift
#notsign 0x29 altgr
plus 0x2b
asterisk 0x2b shift
grave 0x2b altgr
#numbersign 0x2b
#apostrophe 0x2b shift
#dead_breve 0x2b shift altgr
#y 0x2c addupper
guillemotleft 0x2c altgr
guillemotright 0x2d altgr
cent 0x2e altgr
copyright 0x2e shift altgr
leftdoublequotemark 0x2f altgr
rightdoublequotemark 0x30 altgr
mu 0x32 altgr
masculine 0x32 shift altgr
comma 0x33
semicolon 0x33 shift
horizconnector 0x33 altgr
multiply 0x33 shift altgr
period 0x34
colon 0x34 shift
periodcentered 0x34 altgr
division 0x34 shift altgr
#minus 0x35
#underscore 0x35 shift
thorn 0x35
THORN 0x35 shift
dead_belowdot 0x35 altgr
dead_abovedot 0x35 shift altgr