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#include "qom/object.h"
#define TYPE_USER_CREATABLE "user-creatable"
#define USER_CREATABLE_CLASS(klass) \
OBJECT_CLASS_CHECK(UserCreatableClass, (klass), \
OBJECT_GET_CLASS(UserCreatableClass, (obj), \
#define USER_CREATABLE(obj) \
INTERFACE_CHECK(UserCreatable, (obj), \
typedef struct UserCreatable {
/* <private> */
Object Parent;
} UserCreatable;
* UserCreatableClass:
* @parent_class: the base class
* @complete: callback to be called after @obj's properties are set.
* Interface is designed to work with -object/object-add/object_add
* commands.
* Interface is mandatory for objects that are designed to be user
* creatable (i.e. -object/object-add/object_add, will accept only
* objects that inherit this interface).
* Interface also provides an optional ability to do the second
* stage * initialization of the object after its properties were
* set.
* For objects created without using -object/object-add/object_add,
* @user_creatable_complete() wrapper should be called manually if
* object's type implements USER_CREATABLE interface and needs
* complete() callback to be called.
typedef struct UserCreatableClass {
/* <private> */
InterfaceClass parent_class;
/* <public> */
void (*complete)(UserCreatable *uc, Error **errp);
} UserCreatableClass;
* user_creatable_complete:
* @obj: the object whose complete() method is called if defined
* @errp: if an error occurs, a pointer to an area to store the error
* Wrapper to call complete() method if one of types it's inherited
* from implements USER_CREATABLE interface, otherwise the call does
* nothing.
void user_creatable_complete(Object *obj, Error **errp);