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# QEMU qtest library
# Copyright (C) 2015 Red Hat Inc.
# Authors:
# Fam Zheng <>
# This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2. See
# the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
# Based on
import errno
import socket
import string
import os
import subprocess
import qmp.qmp
import qemu
class QEMUQtestProtocol(object):
def __init__(self, address, server=False):
Create a QEMUQtestProtocol object.
@param address: QEMU address, can be either a unix socket path (string)
or a tuple in the form ( address, port ) for a TCP
@param server: server mode, listens on the socket (bool)
@raise socket.error on socket connection errors
@note No connection is established, this is done by the connect() or
accept() methods
self._address = address
self._sock = self._get_sock()
if server:
def _get_sock(self):
if isinstance(self._address, tuple):
family = socket.AF_INET
family = socket.AF_UNIX
return socket.socket(family, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
def connect(self):
Connect to the qtest socket.
@raise socket.error on socket connection errors
def accept(self):
Await connection from QEMU.
@raise socket.error on socket connection errors
self._sock, _ = self._sock.accept()
def cmd(self, qtest_cmd):
Send a qtest command on the wire.
@param qtest_cmd: qtest command text to be sent
self._sock.sendall(qtest_cmd + "\n")
def close(self):
def settimeout(self, timeout):
class QEMUQtestMachine(qemu.QEMUMachine):
'''A QEMU VM'''
def __init__(self, binary, args=[], name=None, test_dir="/var/tmp",
if name is None:
name = "qemu-%d" % os.getpid()
super(QEMUQtestMachine, self).__init__(binary, args, name=name, test_dir=test_dir,
self._qtest_path = os.path.join(test_dir, name + "-qtest.sock")
def _base_args(self):
args = super(QEMUQtestMachine, self)._base_args()
args.extend(['-qtest', 'unix:path=' + self._qtest_path,
'-machine', 'accel=qtest'])
return args
def _pre_launch(self):
super(QEMUQtestMachine, self)._pre_launch()
self._qtest = QEMUQtestProtocol(self._qtest_path, server=True)
def _post_launch(self):
super(QEMUQtestMachine, self)._post_launch()
def _post_shutdown(self):
super(QEMUQtestMachine, self)._post_shutdown()
def qtest(self, cmd):
'''Send a qtest command to guest'''
return self._qtest.cmd(cmd)